Hollow electron lens for HL-LHC beam collimation

Relevant references to publiches notes/articles

Presentations and recent material (in support for upcuming review of Oct. 2017

S. Redaelli

Introduction and motivation, as presented at 2016 review pdf [Note: using a design of 1year ago, now obsolete]
Draft technical specifications for the HL-LHC lenses (PDF)

D. Perini Present design of the HL-LHC hollow e-lenses for collimation: design on a PPTX, JPEG, draft ATS note (DOCX)
P. Fessia,
M. Amparo
Status of integration in the HL-LHC point 4 [PRELIMINARY draft of review slides] PDF, PPTX

External and internal project reviews on HEL for collimation

Some pictures of the present hollow e-lends design

Some highlight results