Welcome to the web site of the LHC Collimation Upgrade Specification Meeting.


Study beam dynamics and operational aspects of new collimation schemes in the dispersion suppressors of the insertion regions of the LHC, for upgrade scenarios beyond LS1.
Identify open issues and assign priorities to the work required and provide the necessary inputs to the team involved, including external collaborators.

Latest developments

New updates to the halo simulations page: fast dump failures, 4 TeV quench test with updated carbon density, DS collimators.

WP5/HiLumi page: added D5.4, D5.5 and MS51.

List of deliverables and milestones of WP11 added to EuCARD2 page.

All images should be clickable now. Send us an email if you find a bug or a dead link!

Latest events:

83sdColUSM Meeting (24/02/2017) indico page minutes

C.Bahamonde Update TCAPs and final design pdf
D.Mirarchi TCL/TCTs setting scenarios for HL-LHC pdf
A.Bertarelli Report from the EuCARD2-WP11 meeting
N.Biancacci Impedance measurements of new EYETS collimators for 2017 pdf

82sdColUSM Meeting (10/02/2017) indico page minutes

A.Gorzawski Analysis of the diamond detector data from 2016 pdf
H.Garcia Morales Status of tune ripple MD analysis pdf
M.Fitterer MD on core blowup from HEL-type excitations pdf
R.Rossi Crystal cleaning for ions — MD measurements pdf

81sdColUSM Meeting (16/12/2016) indico page minutes

C.Bahamonde Update on TCAP simulations pdf
J.Wagner Hollow electron lens simulations pdf

80thColUSM Meeting (09/12/2016) indico page minutes

A.Rossi Status of TCTPW jaw tests pdf
I.Lamas Review of installation plan and collimations activities pdf
F.Carra Overall status of TCSPM production pdf
C.Accettura Vacuum acceptance of coated MoGr blocks pdf

79thColUSM Meeting (25/11/2016) indico page minutes

W.Scandale Summary of H8 measurements of LHC crystals pdf
R.Rossi Results of crystal collimation MDs at the LHC pdf